Solving the Wiring Problem in Quantum Computers

It’s the “Wiring” That’s Tricky in Quantum Computing. ‘While large-scale quantum computers remain in the domain of science fiction, a joint team from Japan announced Thursday that it has been able to take a small but crucial step in pursuit of this advanced goal. NEC, the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, or RIKEN, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency, published a paper in the May 4 issue of the journal Science, outlining the ability to “controllably couple qubits.”
In classical computer science, bits – or binary digits – hold data encoded as ones and zeros. In quantum computing, data is measured in qubits, or quantum bits. As such, a qubit can have three possible states – one, zero or a “superposition” of one and zero.
Controllable qubit coupling is analogous to the wiring of transistors on a circuit board. When qubits are coupled, they can affect one another – thus acting as something like classical logic gates.’

NEC Press Release: NEC, JST, and RIKEN Successfully Demonstrate World’s First Controllably Coupled Qubits – Newly developed circuit technology enables execution of quantum algorithm. ‘NEC Corporation, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) have together successfully demonstrated the world’s first quantum bit (qubit) circuit that can control the strength of coupling between qubits. Technology achieving control of the coupling strength between qubits is vital to the realization of a practical quantum computer, and has been long awaited in the scientific field.’

NEC Laboratories Innovative Engine – Quantum Computer: What does “quantum” mean?. ‘The word “quantum”, in quantum computer, originates from “quantum mechanics,” a basic theory in physics. In brief, a quantum is the smallest unit of a physical quantity expressing a property of matter having both a particle and wave nature. On the scale of atoms and molecules, matter behaves in a quantum manner. The idea that computation might be performed more efficiently by making clever use of the fascinating properties of quantum mechanics is nothing other than the quantum computer.’

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