Science Degrees Online Review

This is my first review on Science Quick Picks for ReviewMe and it is sponsored by the reviewee.

When I received the request to review Science Degrees Online I became curious to see what type of science online degrees were available. Classical science degrees (in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, for example) require some kind of laboratory practice and normally are best suited to campus-based learning only. A model of blended learning, in which some courses are campus-based and others fully online, can be acceptable for some degrees like Bioinformatics, Computational Chemistry or Theoretical Physics, for instance.

It was not a surprise to find that currently only three online degree programs at two universities are available at EarnMyDegree’s Science Degrees Online: two in Organizational Management and the other in Fire Science. This can be very disappointing for a prospective student looking for online degrees in science. My recommendation is that EarnMyDegree should consider aggregating Science, Technology and Engineering sections, creating a more appealing one called Science and Technology Online Degrees.

EarnMyDegree’s site is a gateway for online and distance education programs. The visitors can browse or search online degrees by subject or level or simply look for online colleges and universities by location. For each degree an informative page is presented, which gives a direct link to a form where the potential students can request more information.

One of the most important sections is the Online Education Learning Center, an e-learning knowledge base. Here we can find a comprehensive Guide to Online Education, an Online Education FAQ, a fair comparison between online and traditional schools and information on career opportunities. The Accreditation Guide, found also on this Learning Center, offers very good advice on how to spot fake degrees and avoid frauds.

Overall impression: in spite of the scarce opportunities offered to students looking for online science degrees, I recommend EarnMyDegree site to those looking for online degrees. The Learning Center is the perfect place to start their journey.

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