Science Fair Projects on Plants with Aspirin

Before we begin, you need background information for your science fair experiment.

Science Fair Projects on Plants with AspirinAspirin, also called, acetylsalicylic acid, is a pharmaceutical drug that is in the family of salicylates (salicylic acid – SA). It is a colorless crystalline organic acid and is used in synthesis and is a plant hormone.

SA is a phytohormone and is found throughout the make-up of plants. It stimulates the growth of plants as well as their development, transpiration, and photosynthesis.

Three aspirin botany related science fair projects

Aspirin in water can be used to protect a plant from insects. This is one of the best science fair projects on plants with aspirin. To complete this experiment you will mix crushed aspirin with water and spray it on the leaves of a plant. You will then determine if this plant is more, less or as insect resistant as plants that have not been treated by the aspirin water.

Can Aspirin Water Speed Up the Process of Seed Germination

This is a new application of aspirin that you can test with science fair projects on plants with aspirin. To test this hypothesis you will crush various amounts of aspirin, dissolve it in water and use this water to germinate seeds. Compare the germination rates and draw your conclusions. If it does work, why does it work? Expand your experiment by testing this application on a variety of different seeds.

Can Aspirin Water Protect a Plant From Common Plant Diseases?

This is a more complex hypothesis, and it will require a more complex experiment. To test this hypothesis you will need to have two test groups. The first test group will be the control group and it will not be treated with aspirin water. The second test group will be an experiment subject and it will be treated with aspirin water. You can expand on this experiment by testing different concentrations of aspirin water.

Can Plants Overdose on Aspirin?

The purpose of this experiment is to determine if plants can be killed if exposed to too much aspirin. To execute this experiment you will need to set up several plant experiments. One experiment will not be treated with any aspirin, this will be your control test. The remaining plant experiments will be treated with various concentrations of aspirin. What did you learn? Can plants be killed with aspirin?

Presentation of Your Project

When designing your science fair projects on plants with aspirin you need to think about your final presentation even when developing your experiment. As you complete your experiment you will need to come up with visual elements for you photosynthesis project boards or botany project boards, depending on what topic you choose to experiment with. As you collect your data take photographs and draw diagrams of your observations. These items can be added to your project boards to help explain what your project is about and what you learned.

If you have a video camera you can record the growth and then play it in fast motion. This could create a very exciting presentation and impress the judges. Also, put it on so all your friends and family can view your efforts.

Our Science Fair Blog or Internet site would also be interested in feature your aspirin/botany science fair project, and who knows, you may win a prize!

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