Christine Laine Named Editor of Annals of Internal Medicine

The American College of Physicians (ACP) has named Christine Laine editor of its flagship journal, Annals of Internal Medicine. A former vice president and senior deputy editor of Annals, Christine Laine succeeds Harold C. Sox who will retire in July. The Annals of Internal Medicine New Editor is the youngest editor in the history of […]

String Theory Books Reviewed by Joseph Polchinski

All Strung Out?. ‘The 1970s were an exhilarating time in particle physics. After decades of effort, theoretical physicists had come to understand the weak and strong nuclear forces and had combined them with the electromagnetic force in the so-called Standard Model. Fresh from this success, they turned to the problem of finding a unified theory, […]

The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance by Eric Scerri

Did a Frenchman beat Mendeleev to the periodic table? ‘Credit for the periodic table of the elements generally goes to Dimitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, but a specialist in the history and philosophy of chemistry says the Russian chemist probably peeked at the work of predecessors. In his new book, “The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its […]

Discover Poll: What’s the Greatest Science Book of All-Time?

Discover Poll: What’s the Greatest Science Book of All-Time?. ‘In the December 2006 issue, DISCOVER assembled The All-Time Essential Reading List—the 25 greatest science books ever written. But what do DISCOVER editors know, anyway? Would you choose a different (and, no doubt, better) book for your #1? Here’s your chance to tell us—along with the […]

Book: Theory and Practice of Online Learning

Theory and Practice of Online Learning, edited by Terry Anderson and Fathi Elloumi, is concerned with assisting providers of online education with useful tools to carry out the teaching and learning transactions online. It presents, in an easily readable form, the theory, administration, tools, and methods of designing and delivering learning online. By doing so, […]