Report: Major Improvements Needed in K-8 Science Education

Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science in Grades K-8. ‘What is science for a child? How do children learn about science and how to do science? Drawing on a vast array of work from neuroscience to classroom observation, Taking Science to School provides a comprehensive picture of what we know about teaching and learning science from kindergarten through eighth grade. By looking at a broad range of questions, this book provides a basic foundation for guiding science teaching and supporting students in their learning. Taking Science to School answers such questions as: a) When do children begin to learn about science? Are there critical stages in a child s development of such scientific concepts as mass or animate objects? b) What role does nonschool learning play in children s knowledge of science? c) How can science education capitalize on children s natural curiosity? d) What are the best tasks for books, lectures, and hands-on learning? e) How can teachers be taught to teach science?

The book also provides a detailed examination of how we know what we know about children s learning of science about the role of research and evidence. This book will be an essential resource for everyone involved in K 8 science education teachers, principals, boards of education, teacher education providers and accreditors, education researchers, federal education agencies, and state and federal policy makers. It will also be a useful guide for parents and others interested in how children learn.’

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