Report: How to Enhance Science and Engineering at Harvard

Harvard Rethinks Science. ‘There are a series of revolutions going on in science and technology — and in the way they are taught and conducted in American higher education. Traditional lectures are being replaced with more active learning. Graduate students are being taught to teach, not just do research. And interdisciplinarity is key. Many proponents of these changes — while passionate about their importance — say that much of the innovation isn’t coming from the traditional leaders of American science (top research universities), but from a range of other institutions. That could be changing — dramatically — with a report released Friday by Harvard University, calling for substantial shifts in the way science is taught and the way faculty members are hired.’

Science Committee issues preliminary report
. ‘Calls for supporting a wide range of approaches to science education and research in Longwood, Allston, and Cambridge. A committee of 24 leading scientists from across Harvard University – five department chairs and one dean – have produced a preliminary set of proposals for “enhancing science and engineering at Harvard” that range from continuing to invest in traditional “core disciplines” to transforming the teaching of science by implementing “hands-on learning as a cornerstone in undergraduate science and engineering education”.’

Enhancing Science and Engineering at Harvard – Preliminary Report (PDF)

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