Recent Advances in Nanotechnology

Motorized Nanocars, Nanogenerators, and Nanomedical Advances. ‘Cars made of a single molecule now are motorized, and mechanical energy from body movement is being harnessed to generate electricity and eventually, power implantable medical devices. These are just two of the nanotechnology breakthroughs announced in the past seven days. Nanotechnology is the science of creating or modifying materials at the atomic and molecular level to develop new or enhanced materials and products. The breakthroughs are based on work with nanometers – each one billionth of a meter in size – about one ten-thousandth the diameter of a human hair, or a thousand times smaller than a red blood cell.’


  1. Is there anything in nanotechnology that is capable of capturing atoms or molecules from its surroundings in a closed system at a particular temperature and on application of heat releasing the atoms or molecules with some energy into this closed system and then after cooling down recaptures the atoms or molecules as previously done..?

  2. christopher says:

    I can surelly say that I am exited to see what new kind of nanotecnology implimented ideas that will be revealed in the next few centurys to come. I myself have many questions as to wether they could be applied for the use of construction of newer and better space related devices and/or vessles as for the better increase of hull integritys, supply storage increase, ect. as for anything else I doubt that there won’t be some kind of new release that would be not only extraordinarilly benificial, but also earth friendly as well. 🙂

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