REACH: MEPs strike a balance between health, the environment and industry. ‘he first step in a great legislative marathon has taken place in the European Parliament. MEPs reached their fist reading position on the REACH package. The House approved a legislative package that will considerably benefit the environment and public health as well as taking the interests of industry into account. The fears of SMEs about over-regulation also found an echo with MEPs. REACH is one of the most complex issues the Parliament has ever been asked to consider.’

Related: America’s Chemical Makers Dismayed by E.U. ‘REACH’ Vote. ‘The American Chemistry Council (ACC) is dismayed by yesterday’s European Union Parliament vote to approve the Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) proposal. Although the Parliament addressed some of the grave, global concerns with the European Commission’s proposal, the revised REACH scheme would not provide the health and environmental benefits envisioned by consumers in Europe and around the world.

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