Quantum Dots and Cancer Detection

Targeted Quantum Dots Image Tumor Blood Supply. ‘Using polymer-coated cadmium telluride/zinc sulfide (CdTe/ZnS) quantum dots targeted to a molecule found on newly growing blood vessels, a team at the Stanford University Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE) has shown for the first time that quantum dots can image a tumor’s blood supply. This development holds promise for the development of new ways of detecting cancer as well as identifying the edges of a tumor during surgery.’

Do-It-Yourself Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots Light Up Prostate Cancer
. ‘Quantum dots – tiny beads that glow in rainbow colors – can zero in with pinpoint accuracy on human prostate cancer.’

Cancer Detectors

Modified Quantum Dots Could Lead to Improved Treatments for Cancer

: Moving Closer to a Quantum Computer

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  1. I find this very interesting : “Based on these promising results with isolated cells, the investigators explored whether these targeted quantum dots would bind to human tumors growing in mice. In fact, tests with tumor-bearing animals showed that the quantum dots were visible in tumors within 20 minutes after injection. The fluorescent signal from the tumor-bound quantum dots peaked at six hours after injection, and optical images clearly outlined the tumors against a very low fluorescent background. Subsequent microscopic examination of the tumors showed that the quantum dots were congregated on the blood vessels growing in and around the tumors.”

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