Pool Water Chemistry

Diving into chemistry. ‘Understanding the critical factors affecting pool water. Pool problems result from many factors, including chemistry variables, equipment malfunctions, or other upsets. Most common problems with pool water chemistry can be attributed to five factors: free available chlorine residual, total chlorine residual, pH, total alkalinity, or calcium hardness. Fortunately, each factor can be corrected easily through careful monitoring, testing, and managing.’

Water Chemistry for Swimming Pools. ‘Proper water chemistry is essential to maintaining safe and consistent swimming pool operation. Chemicals used in swimming pools include: Disinfectants to destroy harmful or otherwise objectionable organisms; Alkalinity and pH Adjusters to maintain a consistent acid-base relationship and acid buffering capacity; Chlorine Stabilizer to prevent unnecessary loss of chlorine; Algicide to kill and prevent algae, and Filter Aids to help remove foreign material. Following is a discussion of various factors which affect water chemistry, how they affect swimming pools and how to use pool chemicals to restore a properly balanced water chemistry.’

Swimming Pool Water Chemistry Terms & Glossary

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