Polymer-Based (Polypyrrole) Battery

Brown Engineers Build a Better Battery – With Plastic. ‘It’s thin, light, flexible – and plastic. Brown University engineers Hyun-Kon Song and Tayhas Palmore have created a prototype polymer-based battery that packs more power than a standard alkaline battery and more storage capacity than a double-layered capacitor. Their work, published in Advanced Materials, will be of interest to the energy, defense and aerospace industries, which are looking at more efficient ways to deliver electricity.

Advanced Materials Article: Redox-Active Polypyrrole: Toward Polymer-Based Batteries

Wikipedia – Polypyrrole. ‘A Polypyrrole (PPy) is a chemical compound formed from a number of connected pyrrole ring structures. For example a tetrapyrrole is a compound with four pyrrole rings connected. Polypyrroles are conducting polymers of the rigid-rod polymer host family, all basically derivatives of polyacetylene. Polypyrrole was the first of this key family of compounds to show high conductivity.’


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