Plastic from Fructose

Just One Word: Fructose. ‘Plastic could be made from a common form of sugar instead of petroleum if the industry adopts a new process developed by scientists at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. With concern growing over America’s reliance on finite resources such as oil, there’s mounting pressure to develop renewable sources for traditionally oil-based chemicals and commodities. Researchers have been looking at various plant materials as possible alternatives. But the challenge is to find a process that is also economically competitive with petroleum-based options.’

‘Sugar plastic’ could reduce reliance on petroleum. ‘A new way to make plastics out of sugar could help reduce the world’s reliance on petroleum. The technique could ultimately allow industry to make plastics from high-fructose corn syrups or other plant materials. Companies and research organisations around the world are experimenting with plant-based plastics in a bid to lower carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the use of petroleum as oil stocks decline.’ Questions and Answers About Fructose

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