Peter Debye: Eminent Scientist or Nazi Collaborator?

Dutch Schools Strip Nobel Laureate’s Name: ‘Two Dutch universities have stripped a late Nobel chemistry laureate of honors, citing new evidence that he collaborated with the Nazis to oust Jews from academic positions. The information about Dutch-born Peter Debye, who won the Nobel in 1936, emerged a month ago in a book, “Albert Einstein in the Netherlands”.’

Nobel Laureate Is Accused Of Nazi Collaboration. ‘Documentary evidence that chemistry Nobel Laureate Peter J. W. Debye may have been a Nazi collaborator in Berlin in the 1930s has led a university in the Netherlands to remove his name from its Debye Institute of Physics & Chemistry of Nanomaterials & Interfaces. Another university in Maastricht, the Netherlands, has reportedly stopped distributing a Debye scientific award.’


  1. Nordulf Debye says

    The conclusion of a subsequent more thorough investigation of documentary evidence regarding Peter Debye by Cornell University’s Department of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry is that Peter Debye clearly was neither a Nazi sympathizer nor a Nazi collaborator. The report was issued May 31, 2006.

  2. Thanks for this valuable information. I am very happy to know (I was almost sure about this) that Peter Debye was neither a Nazi sympathizer nor a Nazi collaborator. Could you please provide a link for some kind of report with these conclusions?

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