Oppenheimer: A Life

Oppenheimer: A Life – An Online Centennial Exhibition. ‘Oppenheimer thus represents as well the fundamental transformation of science during the Second World War. Before Hiroshima, theoretical physics seemed to have almost no practical application in the material world. But during the war, because of its sudden military relevance, it quickly rose to number-one wartime priority. In the postwar world, the scientists who had before been considered marginal in everyday matters took on new claims to knowledge about the highest of world affairs. But there were limits to their influence, especially when their personal associations and opinions came under the scrutiny of national security.
Oppenheimer represents many things, but it is the common humanity present in his science, his teaching, his successes, and his failures which makes him a complex and rich historical character. It is perhaps in this spirit that the story of his life ought to be read.’

J. Robert Oppenheimer Centennial at Berkeley

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