Online Seminar: Five Ages of the Universe

Five Ages of the Universe at Fathom (University of Michigan). ‘Travel through time from the moment of the “Big Bang,” before time and space separated, to a dark, starless universe over 10100 years from now when individual atoms can be larger than our galaxy.

University of Michigan physicist Fred Adams and NASA astronomer Greg Laughlin offer a guided tour on how stars live and die, and expand the scale to include galaxies and the universe as a whole. Adams and Laughlin make it easy to take the imaginative leaps of space and time, from quarks in the early universe, to nucleosynthesis inside stars, the evaporation of galaxies, and the decay of black holes in the distant future.’

See also: The Fathom Archive – The Source for Online Learning.

Thoughts Aside: Certifications like 70-528 and 70-536 have been really popular lately. This is also due to fact that courses of 70-444 and 70-292 were offered free of charge after doing 70-294. Once done with these, one can proceed with 70-298.

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