Nuclear Fusion: Energy Source of the Future

Scientists say they have cleared technical hurdle in fusion research. ‘Physicists working in the United States believe they have cracked an important problem facing man-made nuclear fusion, touted as the cheap, safe, clean and almost limitless energy source of the future. In fusion, atomic nuclei are fused together to release energy, as opposed to fission – the technique used for nuclear power and atomic bombs – where nuclei are split. In a fusion reactor, particles are rammed together to form a charged gas called a plasma, contained inside a doughnut-shaped chamber called a tokamak by powerful magnetic coils.’

Nuclear fusion plasma problem tackled. ‘Nuclear fusion could become a more viable energy solution with the discovery of way to prevent super-hot gases from causing damage within reactors.

$13 billion nuclear fusion site gets green light. ‘The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, or ITER, is intended to show that nuclear fusion, which harnesses the same energy that heats the sun to generate electricity, can wean the world off pollution-producing fossil fuels. Nuclear fusion also produces no greenhouse gas emissions, which many scientists tie to global warming, and only low levels of radioactive waste.’

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  1. Dr. Donald Lewis Law says

    The other problem is the particles leaving the tokamak chamber and right through 2 foot of concrete. I use to work for a company in California which made the magnets and that was very interesting. I mada a tool to measure the magnetic power at the center of the magnet and put it on a chart for them. I could actually plot all the power around the inside of the large magnet and if you had any credit cards in your pocket they were degoussed big time. I also worked in Menlo Park, CA at Sand Hill road for the centrafuge and designed the magnet interface. Great jobs and very interesting. I am 71 now and still love the R&D work but I am now working on a ethonal plant for the next fuel of out nation and the world.

  2. two questions…who are the top academics in nuclear fusion today and who is the leader in nuclear fusion apparatus development? thanks

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