NSF Report: US Doctorates in the 20th Century

A Brief History of American Ph.D.’s. ‘Forget Ask.com. If you have a question about American graduate education over the last 100 years, you can probably find the answer in a data-heavy report released this week by the National Science Foundation. The report, “U.S. Doctorates in the 20th Century,” contains an almost mind-numbing array of statistics about who received Ph.D.’s, what fields the degrees were in, the institutional paths the recipients took to their doctorates, and how they paid for their educations, among other topics.’

Press Release:NSF Report Reveals Century of Doctoral Education Trends in the United States. ‘U.S. Doctorates in the 20th Century reveals many factors about who is educated and where. It also describes the complex changes taking place in the pursuit of doctoral degrees, many in new interdisciplinary fields.’

Report: US Doctorates in the 20th Century (Full Report in PDF Format)

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