Nobel Prize Educational Games and Honeywell Nobel Interactive Studio

Educational Games. ‘You don’t have to be a genius to understand the work of the Nobel Laureates. These games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements, will teach and inspire you while you’re having FUN! Students, teachers and non-profesionals of all ages will enjoy testing and building their knowledge in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economics. So, go ahead, Explore and Learn!’

Honeywell Nobel Interactive Studio. ‘Designed to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists, The Honeywell – Nobel Initiative establishes a forum for students worldwide to learn directly from Nobel Laureates in Chemistry and Physics through a combination of live on-campus events, interactive content and broadcast programs that expand upon’s educational outreach efforts. This innovative partnership seeks to teach students the complex science behind Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry while encouraging their highest aspirations in ways that are motivating and engaging.’


  1. Clay Dodson says

    I’m seeking a partnership to head up a special project, as the inventor and consultant. Wastewater Radionuclide contamination problems are increasing. Storage is to me a bad idea.
    To incinerate HLW with fire, -no way-.Here’s one solution:
    My Radionuclide laser incinerator design. A giant self contained unit. -Yes way-
    The system uses a gas augmented laser to
    fire into a laser receiver accross the chamber. The receivers are
    titanium silver nitrate elbow reflectors. Properly aligned, they loop
    laser energy back and forth accross the chamber to form an infitite
    grid. Radionuclides passing through the grid are destroyed.
    Radioactive energy is absorbed and exhausted into the laser grid.
    Conceivably the half life of solid particles suspended in the grid
    are altered. In accordance with the phenom. of nuclear magnetic
    resonance, radionuclides are saturated with energy and destroyed
    by this method. The proposed construction is a superfund site, meaning large, and capable of containing and recirculating exhaust gases to be controlled, oxygen depleted with an inert gas for safety, and
    decomposed. Will I get a Nobel prize for putting this together? Without the accepted credentials, Probably not.
    What’s important to me now after almost 20
    years of being snobbed by bureaucrats and doing nothing, is to finally get the
    right people interested. For the sake
    of our health and the health of the environment, get it done.

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