Nisin Biosynthesis

Nisin Engineered In Test Tube. ‘Formerly inaccessible analogs of the potent antibiotic nisin-a complex peptide natural product used for more than 40 years to preserve food-may soon become available. Scientists at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), have figured out how to harness the biosynthetic machinery that makes nisin so they can make it in vitro, potentially paving the way to versions that might be used to treat infections in humans (Science 2006, 311, 1464).’


  1. Mark O Reilly says

    I am looking for a method of manufacturing of nisin. Thanks Mark

  2. I would start making some Internet search. Have you tried PubMed? You should be aware that Nisin manufacturing is probably under some kind of patent. One nice place to search for patents is Free Patents Online. You can get more relevant information about Nisin on this page. Good luck!

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