New Technologies to Convert Cellulosic Biomass into Biofuels (Cellulosic Ethanol)

DuPont, Chevron Aim To Advance Cellulosic Ethanol. ‘Chemical producers and their partners take steps to bring ethanol derived from crop wastes to market. DuPont and Chevron separately announced joint ventures this week that are designed to advance the development of renewable transportation fuels by bringing cost-effective cellulosic ethanol to market. DuPont and ethanol producer Broin disclosed plans on Oct. 5 to produce the biofuel from corn stover. Chevron and the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) signed a five-year agreement on Oct. 4 for research and development of new production technologies for converting biomass, such as forestry and agricultural wastes, into ethanol. Broin intends to convert one of the six corn-to-ethanol plants that it currently operates in Iowa into a biorefinery that will use both corn grain and stover—the stalk, leaves, and cobs that come with the grain.’

Dupont Press Release:”>DuPont and Broin Partner to Advance Development of Ethanol. ‘Two technology leaders in the growing biofuels industry, DuPont and Broin, yesterday announced a partnership in the United States to take the next steps needed to bring cost-effective ethanol derived from corn stover to market. “We are pleased to partner with Broin, a company that is regarded as a technology expert in biorefining,” said DuPont Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Tom Connelly. “We have worked over the last three years to develop a technology package that can efficiently break down the complex sugar matrix found in corn stover into ethanol from cellulose at a high yield. We are excited about the progress we have made and, while we still have to complete more research, we are ready to take the next steps to bring cellulosic ethanol to market. This is a further demonstration of DuPont’s commitment to bring to market renewably sourced materials that reduce global reliance on petroleum”.’

Chevron Press Release: Chevron and National Renewable Energy Laboratory Establish Research Alliance to Advance Cellulosic Biofuels. ‘Chevron Corporation and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), headquartered in Golden, Colo., today announced a strategic research alliance to advance the development of renewable transportation fuels. Chevron Technology Ventures LLC (CTV), a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, and NREL have signed a five-year agreement to research and develop new production technologies for biofuels. Researchers from CTV and NREL will collaborate on projects to develop the next generation of process technologies that will convert cellulosic biomass, such as forestry and agricultural wastes, into biofuels such as ethanol and renewable diesel.’

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