New Materials from Graphene

Research Paves Way for New Composite Materials. ‘Northwestern University researchers have developed a process that promises to lead to the creation of a new class of composite materials – “graphene-based materials.” The method uses graphite to produce individual graphene-based sheets with exceptional physical, chemical and barrier properties that could be mixed into materials such as polymers, glasses and ceramics. The Northwestern team, led by materials scientist and physical chemist Rod Ruoff and composed of chemists, physicists and engineers, reports the results of their research in the July 20 issue of the journal Nature.’

Quantum weirdness on the end of your pencil
. ‘Who needs a particle accelerator to explore the bizarre fringes of quantum theory, when inside every pencil there’s a neutron star dying to get out?’

Wikipedia: Graphene

Image Gallery – Graphite and Graphene

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