New Catalyst Helps to Reduce Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emissions

New catalyst helps eliminate NOx from diesel exhaust. ‘A catalyst developed by Argonne researchers could help diesel truck manufacturers eliminate harmful nitrogen-oxide emissions from diesel exhausts. The technology — which has a patent pending — appears so promising that multiple large and small companies have expressed interest in licensing it and working with Argonne researchers to scale up the technology and bring it to market. Argonne researcher Christopher Marshall, one of the technology’s developers, believes there could be a commercially available product within two to three years.
Nitrogen oxides — collectively called “NOx” — contribute to smog, acid rain and global warming. Yet they are among the most difficult pollutants to eliminate from diesel exhaust. For example, many technologies that reduce NOx result in increases in undesirable particulate emissions.’

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Green Facts Digests – Scientific Facts on Air Pollution: Nitrogen Dioxide. ‘In Europe, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) pollutes the air mainly as a result of road traffic and energy production. Apart from giving rise to acid rain and other air pollutants, current levels of NO2 may affect our health. How and to what extent?’

EIA Special Report: Reducing Emissions of Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Oxides and Mercury from Electric Power Plants


  1. I hope that we can reduce air pollution soon. I read that LA is the most poluted city in America once again. But that’s not to say that LA is the only city with air pollution. I read a blog on the top ten cities. you can read it at Nomadik.

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