Nanoparticles Combat Cancer

Nanoparticles Annihilate Prostate Cancer. ‘Fighting cancer is currently a messy war. Modern chemotherapies attack tumors with the equivalent of a machinegun approach: cover the area widely with deadly fire and hope to destroy the tumor with a minimum of collateral damage. Doctors have long sought a way to precisely target tumors with their chemical therapies. Now researchers may have found it in a nanoparticle laced with a cancer-combating drug.’

Exploring Nanoparticle Toxicity. ‘Wendelin Stark, Ph.D., of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and his colleagues used human mesothelioma cells and rodent fibroblast cells to characterize the toxicity of seven industrially important nanoparticles. The investigators also used widely studied nontoxic silica particles and toxic asbestos fibers as reference materials. The investigators dosed each of the two cell lines with varying amounts of the nine materials and measured their effects on cells’ metabolic activity and ability to proliferate.’

CancerNano 2006 Presents State-of-the-Art Nanotechnology Solutions for Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment at May 7-11 Event in Boston.

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