Mobile Digital Laboratory (MDL) for Education from HP and Saltire Scientific

HP to Co-develop Mobile Digital Laboratory for Education Market (PDF). ‘HP and Saltire Scientific are teaming to develop for the education market the Mobile Digital Laboratory (MDL) – an easy-to-use, high-performance solution that allows secondary school mathematics and science students to collect and analyze real world data in real time.
The MDL is ideal for mathematics and science teachers as they meet the challenges of curriculum reform. This is the latest innovation from HP’s Calculators division, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary in the handheld calculator market this year.
The easy-to-use MDL enables math and science students to quickly capture nearly imperceptible everyday data – such as the flicker of fluorescent lights and human voice waveforms – and mathematically analyze them using familiar functions on an HP calculator. This allows students to experience the phenomenon while simultaneously seeing the data in graphical or numerical form, allowing them to connect mathematics to their everyday experiences.
The MDL solution is composed of an input probe or sensor attachment; a small Saltire Data Streamer, which translates the probe signals into numerical data; and a powerful HP 39gs or 40gs Graphing Calculator, which analyzes the numerical data. When the data streamer hardware with probe attachment is plugged into the calculator’s serial port, the calculator automatically recognizes the type of probe and immediately displays the stream of incoming data. In comparison, traditional data loggers require users to pre-select data collection duration and frequency, which entails more time-intensive set up and a steeper learning curve.’

HP Calculators Division

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