Learning Online

How Much Is An Online Degree Worth? ‘In a time not so long ago, online degrees were questionable, frowned upon, even considered worthless. Could someone really sit at home, stare at a screen, and learn as much as someone sitting in a classroom? Many educators doubted it. It seemed the lazy man’s way of learning. But new research suggests that stigma is not only fading, but transforming into eLearning accolades. Recently, an in-depth study from Sloan Consortium, a group supporting online education, confirmed what advocates of cyber-academics had been saying for years: Online learning can be just as good as – if not better than – a classroom degree.’

Teaching and Learning Online. ‘Whether you’re planning on taking or teaching an online course — or pursuing an online degree — you won’t want to miss this Teacher Team article, in which our resident experts talk about their online teaching and learning experiences.’

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