Journal Citation Impact Forum

Thomson Scientific Launches Journal Citation Forum Dedicated to Discussion About Citation-Based Research Evaluation: From H-index to Impact Factor, Citation Impact Forum Hosts Expert Commentary and Scholarly Discussion About Citation-based Research Evaluation.

‘Thomson Scientific announced on January 8 the launch of its Citation Impact Forum, an online forum promoting scholarly discussion about all facets of citation-based research evaluation — from Thomson Scientific’s own influential Journal Impact Factor to emerging citation metrics, such as the h-index.

“The online format provides a modern-style roundtable discussion,” said Jim Testa, Thomson Scientific’s director of editorial development. “A running discussion on the topic of evaluation methods gives users around the world the benefit of information straight from Thomson Scientific. Additionally, we will use the invitation-only monthly forums to interact directly with the research community as well as to provide a way for the members of that community to interact with each other.”

The Citation Impact Forum will feature interviews with and commentary from industry leaders — bibliometricians, researchers and publishers — about scholarly evaluation. By becoming a registered member of the Forum, users have the added ability to join invitation only forums where they can participate in discussions by sharing their own thoughts with other members. Registered members can also recommend future Forum discussion topics.’

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