JACS Papers Retracted

Ex-Columbia Student Says Disputed Chemistry Research Is Sound. ‘A former graduate student at Columbia University whose research is at the center of three papers retracted by a leading chemistry journal is disputing accusations that her experiments cannot be reproduced.’ [via CHMINF-L]

Professor at Columbia Retracts Papers Over Research Questions.

Researcher Withdraws JACS Papers. ‘Two research papers have been withdrawn from the Journal of the American Chemical Society because research results were irreproducible, according to notices published in the March 8 issue of JACS (2006, 128, 3102). Columbia University professor of chemistry Dalibor Sames has withdrawn the papers. He is coauthor along with his former research group member Bengü Sezen, who was awarded a Ph.D. degree from Columbia in 2005. The journal has published other papers in which Sezen and Sames are coauthors.’

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