Ingenuity Answers Alpha for Biological and Chemical Questions

Ingenuity Systems, the makers of IPA (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis), have just launched Ingenuity Answers (still in alpha version). Ingenuity Answers is an advanced search tool that enables you to quickly and reliably answer specific biological and chemical questions by identifying lists of genes (or other biological and chemical objects) that satisfy particular biological criteria. Ingenuity Answers leverages the Ingenuity Knowledge Base to allow you to ask highly focused questions involving biological details on multiple levels (genes, chemicals, cells, domains, pathways, diseases, and more) and provides answers based on demonstrated and accurate biological relationships, so you have confidence in your search results.

Just enter a keyword or type a question about genes, proteins, chemicals, drugs, cells, tissues, pathways, biological processes, diseases, biomarkers, or clinical trials. You’ll access detailed summary information and explore reported relationships and interactions between objects. You can also drill down into the supporting literature to see evidence for the results.

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