Infographic: Watch Out for DNA Evidence

So. You’ve walked into your master bedroom to discover your wife in bed with the gardener. Or you’ve just rung your beloved boyfriend’s cell and a woman with a voice like she’s smoked too many cigarettes picks up: “I’ll get him, he’s just in the shower.” Like any rational person, your mind immediately jumps to thoughts of murder.

Contrary to popular belief, most murderous impulses aren’t suppressed through ethical protestation. A person’s faith doesn’t stop them from murdering those who dare to betray them, nor does their hitherto rigid moral sense of justice. In actuality, it’s the belief that they won’t be able to get away with it.

Surprisingly, human morality isn’t holding us back from crime; it’s the worry that we’ll get caught and suffer the iron fist of the law – or worse, get one of those tracker bracelets. Read on and discover the solution to committing a ‘perfect murder’.

Watch Out for DNA Evidence

Courtesy of: Top Criminal Justice Schools

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