Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic Material

Super Plastic Both Attracts and Repels Water. ‘An odd new material could be a boon in dry regions with limited access to clean water. A new, practical method for making surfaces with patterns of areas that strongly attract and strongly repel water could lead to a highly efficient method for capturing clean water. This versatile material could also find uses in fabricating new types of devices for medical tests and chemical synthesis.’

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  1. Igor Catic says:

    This is very interesting material. Can this material be described as chemical composite or hybrid material?

  2. I think could be both but in this case is more surface manipulation than anything else.

  3. Igor Catic says:

    Why I put the question? I am working on systematization of all inorganic and organic materials. I have problem with combination of materials. Some of them are physical mixture of two different substances or materials. Some are macromolecular compounds. I need general name. Before the proposal I give some examples.

    We have inorganic-organic polymers (e.g. polymer-zeolite hybrid) and organic-inorganic polymers (e.g. poly(organosiloxanes). We have also following combinations:
    – organic products of synthesis (e.g. polyethylene fibers and thermoplastics matrix) -composite materials
    – organic products of synthesis and cultivated products (e.g. thermoset matrix and jute) – composite product (primary shaping precede to achieving the application properties of product which are results of some sort of polymerization and/or cross-linking)
    – organic products of synthesis and inorganic polymers (e.g. thermoset matrix and glass fibers) – composite product
    – organic products of synthesis and metals as inorganic non polymers (e.g. plastics matrix and metallic reinforcement agent) – composite product.

    We have basically two types of handling. Physical mixing and making chemical compounds of two different materials like combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic material.

    Have this sense to define as hybrid when we have chemical compound and composite materials or composite product when we have physical mixture? Or who would make a comment on this text, have better idea. I would appreciate very much any other idea.

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