How to Lower Cholesterol

Pistachios, sunflower seeds may help lower cholesterol. ‘According to a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, sesame seeds and wheat germ ranked highest for phytosterols among the nuts and seed that were investigated. Phytosterols are chemicals found in plants that have been shown to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of some cancers. While the exact mechanism by which phytosterols lower cholesterol is not fully understood, it’s believed these compounds inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach.’

Israeli Researcher: Red Grapefruit Lowers Cholesterol. ‘According to Dr. Shela Gorinstein of Hebrew University, one red grapefruit a day will keep the cholesterol away and help prevent heart disease. A new study published in the March issue of Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry by a research team led by Gorinstein found that red grapefruit in particular was more effective than white although it is not yet clear as to why.’

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