Hottest Topic in Physics and Hirsch Index

Hottest topic in physics revealed. ‘Carbon nanotubes are the hottest topic in physics, according to a new way of ranking the popularity of different scientific fields. Nanowires are second, followed by quantum dots, fullerenes, giant magnetoresistance, M-theory and quantum computation. The new ranking has been developed by Michael Banks, a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute for Solid-State Physics in Stuttgart, Germany. The new index is based on the “Hirsch index”, which was devised last year by Jorge Hirsch of the University of California at San Diego as a way of quantifying the performance of individual scientists.’

Hirsch index:

Rating Researchers. ‘How would you quantify the cumulative impact and relevance of a researcher’s scientific work? Furthermore, is there a single number that would usefully characterize a scientist’s output?’

Jorge E. Hirsch preprint article An index to quantify an individual’s scientific research output.


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  2. impackilimi says

    I ma first time here.
    It is nice resource.
    But i want to know where i can read more?
    Any suggestions?

  3. Read more about what? Science blogs? Try search google using “science blogs”. More about Hirsch Index? Try h-index on Wikipedia. Hope this helps.

  4. Carbon nanotubes?? Really?? It seems like there are much more interesting things going on in Physics. Maybe just more interesting to me I guess.

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