Health Sciences Online (HSO) Set to Open Next Summer

Health Sciences Online: Building a Global Virtual Learning Centre. ‘What would happen if health professionals and students around the globe had access to free, comprehensive learning resources — provided by some of the world’s most prestigious institutions — just by clicking a mouse?
Dr. Erica Frank has the answer. “It would fix the world.”
A UBC professor of Health Care and Epidemiology, Frank is heading a complex and ambitious international project – to create a global virtual health science learning centre where health professionals in training and practice can access high-quality, current courses, reference libraries and other learning resources to improve global health.
The only project of its kind in the world, Health Sciences Online (HSO) is scheduled to launch next summer and will include comprehensive resources in medicine, nursing and public health.
With a background in preventive medicine and a passion for disseminating health information, Frank says this project — budgeted at $2.5 million over three years — will democratize health science knowledge around the world. Her vision includes users ranging from a village healer in a developing country to a senior clinician in the U.S. or Canada.’

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