Genetically Modified Ice Cream

The GM 99: Genetically modified ice cream could be coming to Britain. ‘ A fish from the Atlantic depths has lent its survival secret to a food giant searching for improved product ‘texture’. New designer ice cream, made possible by genetic modification, threatens to set off a “time bomb” in the health of British children, scientists are warning. The scientists, from Britain and Canada, have alerted an official committee which this month will rule on the safety of the ice cream, being sold increasingly worldwide by the food giant Unilever. It contains an artificial protein copied, through a GM process, from a fish living in the frigid waters of the bottom of the North-west Atlantic.’

Fishy start for low-fat ice-cream. ‘A protein from the blood of the pout fish can lower the temperature at which ice-crystals form, meaning less cream or fat is needed in the final product. Unilever, the company behind Wall’s, Magnum and Carte Dor, has submitted an application to produce the protein using GM technology.’

Sweets, Chocolate, and Ice Cream. ‘Chocolate and biscuits, sweets and ice cream – most of our sweet snacks were made with the help of genetic engineering. You won’t find this information on a label, however, because content from genetically modified crops stays below labelling thresholds, and additives made from GM microorganisms do not require labelling.’

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