Game Theory Net ‘Game Theory .net provides resource materials to educators and students of game theory, including the application of game theory to economics, business, political science, computer science, and other disciplines. Primarily, the site is directed at less rigorous presentations of the material, concentrating more on making the lessons of game theory relevant to the student, business professional, or layperson. In aiding class preparation, a list of textbooks, readers, and lecture notes used by other educators is provided. Java applets and online games demonstrate these concepts in a fun, interactive way. Further, links to game-theoretic themes in movies, books, and the popular press serve to reinforce concepts, offer an entertaining diversion in class, and make the material more approachable. Assessment materials are provided both to aid educators in preparing classes and to offer students additional study materials. Educators are requested to submit lecture notes, reviews of textbooks, novel teaching strategies or aids, or other suggestions. Students are encouraged to submit their experiences about learning game theory.’

Game Theory for Educators. ‘A “support group” for game theory educators, Game Theory .net serves as a clearinghouse for teaching materials. Educators can browse classroom preparation materials, including lecture notes and books, by degree of study (e.g., undergraduates or graduate students) and field (e.g., economics, political science).’

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