Gallery of Molecular Artwork

Gallery of Molecular Artwork by Keith Beardmore. ‘Keith Beardmore is a research scientist with the Computational Materials Group, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector. His principal interests are in the area of computational materials modeling, with emphasis on investigation of `real world’ problems, i.e., problems of experimental or industrial interest. Modeling is conducted on the atomic scale, using variants of the methods of classical and ab-initio molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. Such simulations are complex and computationally expensive. His research is divided between the development of empirical models of atomic interactions, and the realization of these models as computer programs. Much of this research is devoted to developing and coding efficient algorithms to reduce computational overhead, whilst maintaining a realistic system description. Current research is focused on modeling radiation effects in materials.’

Tags: Molecular Artwork, Computational Simulations, Modelling

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