Finding Chemical Information on the Internet by Rich Apodaca: A Must Read

How to Find Chemical Information on the Internet: Why Open Source, Open Access, and Open Data Matter. ‘The Web may be the most effective information-delivery platform ever created. Unfortunately, a variety of barriers, both technical and cultural, restrict the use of the Web for chemistry. In the last few years, three powerful forces for change have emerged: Open Source; Open Access; and Open Data. Most of what’s written on these subjects takes a theoretical angle that makes it difficult to visualize real benefits. In this article, Rich Apodaca discusses these ideas from a much more practical perspective.’

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  1. Definitely one to add to your list of 32 or 12 or whatever – Just launched at ACS and has a growing database of 10m small molecules pooled from commercial, free, and academic repositories.

    I have to admit to a vested interested in that they’re hosting my new molecular blog – Spinneret (spot the spider connection) at

    Dave Bradley

  2. I believe that some of your readers may be interested in our ongoing work at R&D Chemicals. Its powerful search engine allows you to find a chemical by its molecular formula, IUPAC name, common name, CAS number, catalog number, structure or substructure.

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