ERAWATCH – European Research Database

ERAWATCH provides information on national research policies, structures, programmes and organisations. The aim of this service is to support policy making in the research field in Europe, by facilitating a better knowledge and understanding of national research systems, policies and the environments in which they operate. Currently 37 countries are covered. With the service’s evolution regional and other coverage is expected to increase over time.
ERAWATCH is a joint initiative of the European Commission’s Directorates General for Research and Joint Research Centre-Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS).

Research. ‘This site is designed to help you find out about European Research. Whether you are a researcher or a teacher, in business or in politics, there is something for you here. You can read about the latest political decisions, or the latest advances in research; there is even a set of online leaflets about European Research in Action, written for the non-specialist and available in 11 or more languages.’

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