Electromagnetism Animations at MIT

Visualizing Electricity and Magnetism at MIT. ‘We are using visualizations in teaching physics interactively in freshman courses at MIT (classes of 500 students). We combine desktop experiments with visualizations of those experiments to “make the unseen seen”. Our visualizations are organized into five categories: Vector Fields, Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Faraday’s Law, and Light. Here we present a selected few from over 100 visualizations ranging in format from passive mpeg animations to interactive Shockwave and Java 3D applets.’

Teaching Electromagnetism Using Advanced Technologies. ‘Michael Faraday was the first to realize that the shape of electromagnetic field lines is extraordinarily expressive of their dynamical effects. We can understand intuitively many things about the forces transmitted by the fields by looking at the topology of the field lines. This is especially true when the field lines are animated. The examples given here are only a few of many (if you do not have a movie player, download QuickTime 3 to view both avi and quicktime files).’

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