E-Learning in Europe

Survey: E-learning in Europe: How do trainers, teachers and learners rate e-learning? (PDF). ‘The objective of the survey was to determine how e-learning is perceived by the teachers and trainers in terms of views and values but also what is the prospective future according to this target group. It has been carried out on the European Training Village site of Cedefop in April 2005 and has gathered viewpoints of more than 600 respondents. The analysis presented here is structured around four main questions that it tries to answer: Who are the respondents? What is e-learning according to teachers, trainers and learners’ views? How is e-learning rated, according to teachers, trainers and learners? What is the future of e-learning according to teachers, trainers and learners?’

Cedefop – European Training Village – Vocational Training in Europe

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