Educational use of blogs

Blog Banning: From the Rutland (VT) Herald comes a story about a jr/sr high school principal who has banned access to, a blogging site. The reason? Well aside from legitimate concerns about kids publishing personal information, the prinicpal says blogging is not an educational use of computers.


  1. As a high school librarian, I am quite concerned about the very intimate information (including but not limited to phone numbers and home addresses) that students are compelled to share with each other on teenage blogs. Also, I worry about the pictures that they put on blogs via cell phones. Cell phones are officially banned from campus but it is clear that a significant number of students manage to circumvent detection. Chatting and gaming are specifically prohibited by our internet use policy. Unfortunately blogging, which for all intents and purposes can be considered asynchronous chatting is still unregulated by our school policy. It is my feeling that educators should explore the potential of blogging for educational uses while alerting students to the dangers of putting such personal information on the internet.

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