Five Science Experiments to do in Your Kitchen (With Videos!)

You have young children, and you’d like to get them interested in science and the natural world.  You also, of course, want to build fun family memories.  However, chemistry sets are way less interesting than you remember from your childhood, and you’re at a loss.  You’d like some simple projects you can do to demonstrate […]

Infographic: Teaching With the Library of Congress

Our friends at Best Colleges Online just published this fantastic infographic: Teaching With the Library of Congress, that I also publish here with permission [click image to enlarge].

3 Great Blogs for Science Teachers

Science is not just interesting, but fun. Here are three great blogs that explain and explore science in a way that everyone will find interesting. Things I Won’t Work With This is the blog of a drug discovery chemist as he describes all the most dangerous and horrible chemicals in existence. From chlorine azide, to […]

Science Fair Projects on Plants with Aspirin

Before we begin, you need background information for your science fair experiment. Aspirin, also called, acetylsalicylic acid, is a pharmaceutical drug that is in the family of salicylates (salicylic acid – SA). It is a colorless crystalline organic acid and is used in synthesis and is a plant hormone. SA is a phytohormone and is […]

Infographic: The Digital Classroom

Courtesy of Accredited Online Universities Guide