Earth and Beyond: A Pictorial Journey

Space, the final frontier, with this pictorial journey we will boldly go where only lucky astronauts and the immense reach of a camera lens have gone before. We will gaze in wonder at some stellar sights, feeling very small in comparison to the vast expanse of space and very proud to be part of a race that has reached out from their humble position to the outer limits of the galaxy.

(1) Lift off

Lift off

A magisterial space rocket lifts off from planet Earth on its mission to outer space.

(2) Another powerful launch

Powerful Lunch

The Columbia Space Shuttle heads for space with all its cylinders blazing.

(3) Home

Columbia Space Shuttle Home

A beautiful shot of our planet Earth in all her glory.

(4) Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula

A vertiginous view of the Antarctic Peninsula seen from outer space.

(5) A Long Fall from Space

Long Fall from Space Autumnal Colours

Autumnal colours surround Lake Superior snapped from space.

(6) Up and Over Down Under

Fires Australis

Fires photographed from way above North-Eastern Australia.

(7) High Shot of Low Pressure

Low Pressure Great Lakes of America

Low pressure builds and swirls over the Great Lakes of America.

(8) A Cloud Street Map

Cloud Streets and Hurricane Billow

Cloud streets and a hurricane billow and blow off the West Coast of America

(9) Nature’s Magic Captured from on High

Nature's Magic Greens and Red Aurora

The wondrous green and red aurora caused by charged particles from a solar wind clashing with oxygen.

(10) A Glorious Sight To Behold

A time-lapse shot of the aurora from the giddy heights of the International Space Station

(11) A Turbulent Typhoon Approaches

Typhoon Roke Japan - NASA Goddard

A super shot of Typhoon Roke heading for Japan taken from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre.

(12) The Forecast: Clouds, Clouds and Clouds

Cloud Vortices Heard Island Indian Ocean

Cloud vortices curl and curve above Heard Island in the Indian Ocean.

(13) UARS Prior to Re-entry

Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) orbits the Earth

NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) orbits the Earth before it plummeted down into the Pacific Ocean on 24 September 2011.

(14) A Full Moon

A lovely lunar video capturing the pockmarked surface of our shadowy satellite.

(15) A Closer Look at the Lunar Surface

A wonderful video of a lunar landscape flyover.

(16) Solar Power

Solar Flare

An immense solar flare roars from the surface of the sun in this stunning image of the centre of our solar system.

(17) Blaze and Flare

Solar Blaze and Flare

The temperature of the Sun’s surface is around 6000 Celsius. In this photo, a fiery flare from it leaps into space.

(18) The Shine of a Sun Spot

Stunning Sun Spot

The awesome might of the solar surface and a stunning sun spot.

Solar Mighty Power

(19) A Solar Eclipse from Space

Solar Eclipse from Space

A chiaroscuro eclipse is even more stunning when seen from space.

(20) Look upon Mercury

Mercury's Moon-Like Surface Scorched by the Sun

A beautiful shot of Mercury’s moon-like surface, craggy and scorched by the Sun.

(21) Beautiful Venus

Rocky Surface of the Red Planet Venus

The rocky surface of the red-hot planet Venus

(22) Mighty Mars

Mighty Mars

Favourite of science fiction writers, Mars is just as incredible in reality.

(23) Ringed Saturn

Saturn and its Rings

A mesmerising sight, Saturn and its majestic rings.

(24) The Giant Jupiter

Jupiter Gas Giant and Larget Planet

The biggest of the gas giants and largest planet in our solar system.

(25) A Look at Europa

Europa Jupiter's Moon

One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa has ice and water on its surface, which has led to speculation about whether it can or does sustain life.

(26) Distant Uranus

Uranus Gas Giant

Another gas giant, Uranus was the first planet found by telescope.

(27) Far Off Neptune


Initially Neptune’s existence was predicted by mathematics, before telescopes became powerful enough to view him.

(28) Pluto Out In the Cold

Images of Pluto from Hubble Space Telescope

Images of the icy dwarf planet from the Hubble Space Telescope.

(29) An Image of Andromeda

Andromeda Galaxy

A stunningly detailed photograph of the Andromeda Galaxy, approximately 2.5 light years away.

(30) A spiralling Galaxy of Stars

Galaxy of Stars NGC 2841 image from Hubble

A magnificent spiralling disc of stars in the far off galaxy NGC 2841, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

(31) Jets from a Black Hole

Jets from a Black Hole

Incredible imagery of a black hole as it spews jets into the cosmos.

(32) Turbulent Centre of a Black Hole

Mysterious Centre of a Black Hole as it Emits Bright Light

The mysterious centre of a black hole as it emits bright light. The route to another dimension?

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Each of the images and videos used in this post are, at the time of posting, held under the Creative Commons licensing.

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