Discovery MythBusters on Diet Coke / Mentos Experiment

Mythbusters and exploding Coke: The viral video Web site is full of video that show people dropping mint Mentos candies into bottles of Diet Coke and watching the immediate shooting geyser that results. Sure, it’s fun to do and cool to see, but there has to be some science behind it. Enter Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, two guys in San Francisco – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman – who put urban myths, commonly held beliefs and tall tales to the test. In a new episode airing Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT, MythBusters tackles this modern day myth with interesting results. According to Hyneman (he’s the mustachioed MythBuster), it’s a process called “nucleation”, in which the particular chemistry of the Mentos candy interacts with the chemistry of the carbonated Diet Coke, causing the carbon dioxide gas, or CO2, to suddenly come out of suspension in the liquid and make a break for freedom.

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You Tube: Extreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment, Diet Coke + Mentos Search


  1. this is in regardes to the dry ice bomb i have done this at my job. the thicker the container the louder the boom you may have to play with your mix. i have filled a 2.5 gallon plastic chemical jug almost half full of dry ice and used hot water (very loud) a 1 liter big slam mountain dew bottle also works well good luck if you try i would like to see it. again; love the show

  2. Alex Garner says

    My name is Alex Garner. I am 9 years old and I live in Fulton, MO. I like your show.I watch it every Wednesday.I especiallw like the Pirate Special.I like the eye-patch myth.

  3. dylan gaskill says

    My name is Dylan and I am almost 8 years old. I love to watch your show every Wednesday. I like the underwater myths. I would like to come and do a myth with you. I live in Lancaster, Ohio. My Grandma is letting me use her computer for this. I like Jamie on myth busters. I like Adam too.

  4. Jesse rector says

    can you blow up a computer overclocking? it and you put Mentos in beer

  5. i Have a question.. I did the Diet Coke and mentos experiment, but i was involving temperature, and i had three temperatures 35’f,50’f 70’f and 100’f suprising enough the 100’f when the highest at 19ft, a 11ft difference to the 35’f one.. can you tell me why this is

  6. Kristen says

    The Myth Busters is exciting and fun to watch! My favorite show would be the one about the mentos my sister wanted to try it and my dad was OK with it. After that we tried all sorts of stuff like soap boats that move in the water and we made the worlds smallest rocket disappear it was really scary when it exploded in my face.

    Your #1 fan,
    Kristen Wyant

  7. JAMES ARNDT says

    i am a fan of your shows and i wanted u to make a bomb. it takes alluminum foil and the blue works i hope you can show this on the air

  8. JAMES ARNDT says

    I want to see if it is true that a beebee cant kill someone

  9. JAMES ARNDT says

    if you jump out of a plane at more than 5000 feet will you survive if you fall in the water at 500 mph?

  10. Ryan Sorenson says

    I really like this show on Discovery channel. I wish I could do a myth with you!!!! I’m your biggest fan

  11. sterling meier says

    i want to know if a pennei is droped of the Empire State Building can it kill some one if hit in the head!!!!!

  12. Jared Stevenson says

    I want to know if a cell phone charging can kill you

  13. Leonard Rila says

    I live on Kauai, HI. And I want to tell you about my soda can experience. I went out drinking one day. (seagram 7 w/sprite) I left some soda cans in the back of my truck rolling around all night. The next day when I went to get in the afternoon out of the back of the truck 3 out of 4 cans exploded all over everything, what a sticky mess. I drive a white 93 Nissan and it hase a black plastic bedliner in it. Try that and see if that works for you.

  14. I never knew mentos and soda could do that man that episode is cool

  15. this show is one of the best

  16. Alejandra Gutierrez says

    i want to know if you drink pop rocks and coke will it expload or pop?

  17. pop 🙂

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