Discovering More About Alzheimer’s Disease

Shutting Down Alzheimer’s. ‘New research reveals strategies for blocking the molecular processes that lead to this memory-destroying disease. The human brain is a remarkably complex organic computer, taking in a wide variety of sensory experiences, processing and storing this information, and recalling and integrating selected bits at the right moments. The destruction caused by Alzheimer’s disease has been likened to the erasure of a hard drive, beginning with the most recent files and working backward. An initial sign of the disease is often the failure to recall events of the past few days–a phone conversation with a friend, a repairman’s visit to the house–while recollections from long ago remain intact. As the illness progresses, however, the old as well as the new memories gradually disappear until even loved ones are no longer recognized.’

Research Reveals Alzheimer’s Beginnings in Brain Cells. ‘Breakthrough discoveries are pushing back the origins of Alzheimer’s disease to an early breakdown in trafficking within brain cells, according to researchers at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University in New York City.’

Alzheimer disease (AD)

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

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