Dental Mercury Amalgam Fillings: No Harm Found

Mercury fillings OK for kids? ‘ Dental fillings containing mercury do not cause any measurable neurological problems in children who have had the fillings for at least seven years, according to two studies reported in Wednesday’s issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The studies are the first to compare children receiving mercury amalgam fillings with children who got mercury-free fillings made of composite materials, and were undertaken because of long-standing concerns about the use of mercury in “silver” fillings.’

Say “Aaah”, Not “Ouch”. ‘Exposure to the heavy metal mercury can wreak havoc on the nervous system. So it’s no surprise that the use of mercury in dental fillings has triggered controversy, especially when dentists give them to growing children. Now, two new clinical trials indicate that mercury fillings are no more harmful to a child’s brain than non-mercury fillings. But that doesn’t prove it’s risk-free, warn some scientists.’

Mercury Fillings: Are They Safe? Two New Studies Show No Detection of Cognitive Damage.

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