Dark Matter Not So Dark Afterall

Scientists Offer Proof of ‘Dark Matter’ – Analysis of Galactic Collision Said to Reveal Mysterious Substance. ‘For decades, many scientists have theorized that the universe is made up of nearly undetectable mysterious substances called dark matter and dark energy. But until yesterday there was no proof that the subatomic matter actually exists. After studying data from a long-ago collision of two giant clusters of galaxies, researchers now say they are certain dark matter does exist and plays a central role in creating and defining gravity throughout the universe. While the scientists are still not sure exactly what dark matter is, since they have yet to identify it in a laboratory, they said that the workings of the universe cannot be explained without it.’

Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center – Gateway to the Universe of X-ray Astronomy: NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter

BBC – Science & Nature: Space – Dark Matter. ‘One of the biggest conundrums in modern astronomy is the fact that over 90% of the Universe is invisible. This mysterious missing stuff is known as ‘dark matter’. The problem started when astronomers tried to weigh galaxies.’

Dark Matter Exposed: Animation Offers Clues to Cosmic Mystery

Wikipedia: Dark Matter

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