D2OL Community Helps to Fight Avian Flu

First Computational International Effort to Fight Avian Flu: The Rothberg Institute for Childhood Diseases (TRI), a non-profit research institute devoted to discovering and developing drugs to treat childhood diseases, today announced the release of the first avian influenza target to its Drug Design and Optimization Lab (D2OL) distributed computing project. Anyone with a personal computer can contribute to this project simply by downloading a screensaver that works when their computer is idle. The D2OL community is growing rapidly and is currently comprised of nearly 80,000 volunteers and their computers in 93 countries working to identify potential new drugs for treating avian flu and other infectious diseases. By releasing this target the project is creating a platform to rapidly respond to changes in the flu virus.

Computing project targets bird flu. ‘A research institute is harnessing the power of thousands of computers over the Internet to investigate potential drug treatments for deadly avian influenza.’

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