Coolers and Insect Repellents

Cool without Menthol & Cooler than Menthol and Cooling Compounds as Insect Repellents. ‘Over the last 30 years a considerable number of compounds have been synthesized and evaluated for the physiological sensation of “cooling”.
In the 1970’s Wilkinson Sword Ltd. conducted an extensive research program under the company leadership of Roy Randolph (who interestingly was my Aunt Joyce’s husband until his recent death). During this period Hugh R. Watson and co-workers designed and evaluated about 1200 compounds for their cooling activity1-18. The interest in such compounds relates to cooling sensation without the minty and volatile side effects of menthol such as eye irritation from aftershave lotions, etc.’

Leffingwell & Associates Homepage. ‘We are dedicated to serving the Perfume, flavor, food and beverage community with information, products and services. This Web site offers information on interesting subjects related to Perfume and Flavor Chemistry…and many links for those interested in flavors, fragrance, olfaction, herbs and spices, botanical medicine, as well as organoleptic properties and molecular visualization of selected flavor & fragrance materials.’

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