Clouds on Ethanol as Fuel

Green Fuel’s Dirty Secret. ‘The town of Columbus, Nebraska, bills itself as a “City of Power and Progress.” If Archer Daniels Midland gets its way, that power will be partially generated by coal, one of the dirtiest forms of energy. When burned, it emits carcinogenic pollutants and high levels of the greenhouse gases linked to global warming. Ironically this coal will be used to generate ethanol, a plant-based petroleum substitute that has been hyped by both environmentalists and President George Bush as the green fuel of the future.’

The New Fuel That Will Shape the Future. ‘If, hypothetically, all U.S. cars ran on 100 percent corn-based ethanol, and if one Ivy League professor’s analysis is correct, then 97 percent of the entire country’s land area – including real estate now occupied by cities – would be needed to grow corn.’

Is ethanol energy-efficient? ‘One of the most controversial issues relating to ethanol (and more recently to biodiesel as well, see below) is what environmentalists call the “net energy” of ethanol production: is more energy used to grow and process the raw material into ethanol than is contained in the ethanol itself?’

Alternative Fuels Data Center: Ethanol

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